The Fat Goat Reference: I wanted a name that would sort of go hand in hand with the intention of the web site, my accounts of walking on moorlands and hill-tops in North West England which is one of my hobbies. Now to imply what it was and who I am I couldn’t really think beyond the fat and the goat parts – I do tend to be a bit capricious from time to time and the walking part should by now be fully explained.

Actually I’m not a Capricorn in case you were thinking in a cryptic slant. The “goat” is there largely because there are normally only a few animals that us humans encounter at the top of an hill: Sheep and Goats – hands up whoever would like to be likened to a sheep? My point exactly! The main reason is though because in English we refer to people whom walk (and cycle for that matter) up hills as… “goats”!

Now the astute amongst you would probably lay the accusation at me that at the tops of hills we encounter Mountain Goats. This is kind of true to a degree but “” is 1:Too Long and 2:Rubbish! Also, as I live in Southport I spend a lot more time walking on the flat than I do walking up hills. The mountain goat was looking decidedly inadequate! It would have been easy – but very ego-diminutive to suggest that elephants do a lot of walking. Although this is somewhat more appropriate than perhaps I would have liked, “”  is a bit misleading don’t you agree?

From my perspective fat goat is right on the money as A: The mountain reference is dropped and B: Alas I am a bit overweight!

Ultimately the main reason for the domain name change: “palzone” (my former domain) didn’t really go any way at all as to describing what the site was about at all, hopefully the all-new fat Capra aegagrus hircus reference might be more meaningful!