God alone knows why I should need this page to say be careful…but given that everyone else who edits a walking related web site happens to have one of them perhaps I should.

Routes that are featured are more often than not adaptations of ones that have been written about in books/guides/pamflets etc (with exception to my own Barley-Newchurch-Ogden Clough-Pendle-Ing Ends route) – but walking a certain route is pretty much impossible to patent or copyright so let’s not get all caught up on who saw what walk featured on what web site.
For the love of goodness don’t leave any litter in the countryside – it’s fragile enough as it is without us lot leaving our discarded batteries and Chicken Mayo wrap packaging around.
If you insist on taking a dog then please adhere to en-route notifications regarding keeping them on leads during nesting and breeding seasons etc. If you could scoop up after your dog has done its’ business then I probably won’t stand in it like I did that one time in Chipping (of all places!) and we’ll all feel better about stuff. Don’t hang anything unpleasent off the nearest tree – as someone once said “This is our living room!”
If you are going solo walking – take a mobile and have it switched off – only switching it back on when you need to make a phone call. When you do switch it on turn the Bluetooth off – (who are you going to ‘pair’ with in the countryside?) this will save your battery which in turn could save your life.
I try to avoid putting times of completion on here (mainly because I walk so slowly!) but if I should happen to slip up and say that it should only take you twenty minutes to get to the top of Catbells from Hause End then that is just my opinion – there is no recourse if it takes you over an hour longer (takes me a damn site longer than that I can tell you!). I will always try to warn you of boggy routes etc but bear in mind that this is subject to the whims of the British weather and a bone-dry field can turn into a quagmire overnight…especially on the Pennines!