When Where

4th of January Around Longridge (Southport Ramblers)
11th of January Around Saint Asaph (Southport Ramblers)
31st of January Darwen Hill and Catherine Edge (Karl and Anne)
17th of February The Coastal Road (Solo)
22nd of February Around Rivington Reservoirs and Will Narr (Southport Ramblers)
28th of February Around Turton Heights, Turton & Entwistle Ressie and onto Edge Lane (Karl)
8th of March Parlick from Chipping (Southport Ramblers)
14th of March Rivington Pike and Winter Hill, Catherine Edge and the full length of Rivington Road (Solo)
22nd of March Delamere Forest (Chris)
13th of April The Coastal Road (Solo)
26th of April Beeston (Southport Ramblers)
23rd of May Pendle – the steepest way (solo)
25th of May Rivington reservoirs and Winter Hill (solo)
6th of June The Yorkshire Three Peaks (Linzi, Mark)
13th of June Arthur’s Pike (Southport Ramblers)
4th of July The Fairfield Horseshoe (Lynn, Sue and Karl)
11th of August (or a week before) Rivington Pike, Winter Hill and Will Narr (Solo)
27th of August The Three (two) Peaks of Yorkshire in reverse (Myself, Colin and Darren)
13th of September Pendle Ole Pendle
27th of September Sizzling Snowdon
4th of October Back to Basics, Rivington Pike (with Christine)
11th of October Agilely up Arthur’s Seat!
1st November Under Pendle (with Christine)
22nd November Around Holcolmbe Moor (with Karl)